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Mercy Heard and Mercy Saw

Posted on: April 22, 2012

The darkness came within the night

And filled my heart with fears;

Removing boundaries of life

In pain, confusion, tears.


The trust and faith of innocence

He shattered to the core;

And in its place the lie revealed

The guilt and shame I bore.


Throughout the years the bricks were set,

The wall was built to hide;

The trembling, hurting, dying soul

The lie had sealed inside.


Marked by a smile to hide behind

So no one had to see;

This ravaged soul of brokenness

The wounded child in me.


Then anger raged within my heart

No faith was found in me;

This hardened heart just couldn’t trust

The God I could not see.


But Mercy heard and Mercy saw

He grieved; He mourned; He wept;

For buried in the tomb He saw

The memories that slept.


And evil danced a happy dance

The lie, he thought had won;

The soul he stole away from God

Left tattered and undone.


And Mercy heard and Mercy saw

He wept; He grieved again;

And called the little girl within

This woman stained by sin


I know the plans I have for you”

I heard the Lord God say;

“What Satan meant for evil, child

I’ll use for good this day.”


“The ancient ruins will be rebuilt

And restoration true;

And all, once lost, will be restored

Behold, all things are new.”


Then evils laughter turned to screams

As chains began to fall;

The yokes and bondage’s released

For Blood had covered all.


“For Satan comes to kill, and steal”

Destruction is his game;

Determined to convince the soul

“Unworthy,” “You’re to blame.”


But God in mercy comforted

Renewed my heart and mind;

Now with the comfort I’ve received

No child is left behind.



3 Responses to "Mercy Heard and Mercy Saw"

Thank you so much for sharing your story and poetry. My heart overflows with hope as I read every word and can relate to what you are expressing. The pain, shame and guilt I know so well, but the amazing Grace, Forgiveness and Love of our Saviour gives me what I need to LIVE . Thank you so much! You are a Blessing to so many! Love, Denise aka bnewvision

Thank you, Denise! I’ll always remember your name…it’s my sisters too!
God has been good! I am glad to be on the path in this journey where I can now help, and comfort others!
Blessings to you, Denise. I’m fighting with ya!

[…] wrote a poem about the abuse I suffered—it’s entitled “Mercy Heard and Mercy Saw.”  In that poem I wrote, “What Satan meant for evil child, I’ll use for good this day.” […]

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