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Freedom ROCKS by Emerging From Broken

Posted on: May 1, 2012

If you have never read Emerging From Broken, you need to do so.

On May 12 – 13, Darlene Ouimet CTACC, founder of Emerging from Broken, will host Freedom ROCKS, a global event aimed at letting go of past trauma. The following is an excerpt from “About Freedom ROCKS

“Coming through the emotional healing process was very often like squeezing through the eye of a needle. There were roller coaster weeks and seemingly endless days of walking for miles in the desert. There were times when I cried out ‘stop the world, I want to get off”  but there came the day I knew that I was never going to face the kind of confusion, depression or oppression that I had lived with for so long, ever again. I knew that I had “Emerged from Broken.”  I felt so “free” so grateful and so full of life. I started to use the expression “Freedom Rocks!” as a way to describe the joy I felt. Freedom from everything that had been weighing me down and holding me back was so new to me. It felt so fresh and invigorating; I felt so alive and freedom just “rocked” so when Lauralee shared her idea to throw a rock into a body of water with a key attached to symbolize “closing a door and throwing away the key” We started brainstorming about what to call this “event” and it seemed natural, even obvious, to name the rocks and the event ~ “Freedom ROCKS

Take a few minutes to check out this event! And then, GET INVOLVED!

About Darlene:

“After struggling my entire life with dissociative identity disorder, multiple personality, chronic depression, and the effects of child sexual abuse, I finally found the help that I needed and I began to emerge from broken. My life today is dramatically different than what it used to be. Living, really living, isn’t just getting from one day to the next coping with those issues. Living is fully embracing life and participating in it. It is about knowing who I really am and not being defined by my past or by any other person.

My journey has been both difficult and exciting, instilling in me an extreme passion for helping others live in freedom, without the shackles of fear and shame. Wherever we find ourselves in the recovery process, we have the hope of wholeness and a purpose filled life. Mine is a story of hope. Having come from the depths of despair to being thrilled at the prospect of a new day, this blog is about the process of healing, learning to face fear and walking forward in truth and joy. It is about thriving and flourishing in day to day life.”

ImageDarlene is a certified professional life coach, mental health advocate and inspirational speaker. she is happily married to the man she used to be unhappily married to and together they share three children, cows, pets and horses on the wide open spaces of Southern Alberta Canada.


11 Responses to "Freedom ROCKS by Emerging From Broken"

Thank you so much for sharing the Freedom ROCKS event! I really hope that people will get involved from where ever they live in the world. It will be fun to hear the stories and share the emotion of slef validating and letting go in a different way.
Hugs, Darlene

Thank you for sharing the Freedom ROCKS event with your readers! I hope this empowering and healing event will inspire many to participate from where ever they live in the world. It will be fun to share the emotions and hear the stories of what it means to people when they throw that rock to release some of the pain.
Hugs, Darlene

Absolutely, Darlene! I look forward to hearing the reports as well! Thank you for coordinating such a life changing event!

OOPS! I didn’t mean to comment twice! I didn’t think the first comment went through because the page went blank ~ So I added another one!
Hugs! Darlene

Thank you so much for sharing this information. Looking forward to Freedom Rocks!! An Amazing, Life Changing opportunity to completly walk in my Healing! Thank you!!

Amen, Sistah! Be sure you come back to share your day too!

Did you participate in Freedom Rocks?

Dear Whispers,
I can’t thank you enough for helping support this effort. I am excited and honored to participate and so grateful for people who advocate getting the word out.
Thank you,
Mimi from EFB

Mimi! I think this is an awesome event! Please be sure to come back here and share with us your day!

How did Freedom Rocks go for you?

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