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A Journey of Faith

Posted on: January 15, 2013


We’re all in the same boat.

We all have a part in this journey we call life. Some find the journey easy, light, carefree, while others find the journey hard, difficult and full of drudgery.

I don’t know if the view of the journey is based on our attitude — I know bad attitudes don’t help — or whether some are just destined to live a life of ease and others a life of hardship.

Even when Jesus walked the earth there were those yoked to the cost of daily living; those who were lost in the every day happenings that it took to live, and there were those who dined in palaces with royalty.

I’m not making a distinction between the rich and the poor, because that line will always be hanging around. What I am pointing to is the choice of the journey itself. Life. No matter where your journey began, and how it is playing out on the grand screen called earth, each of us have a choice to make. Do we choose to walk out our journey of our own accord, or do we grab onto the hand of Jesus Christ and allow him to lead us to our eternal journey?

Many years ago — when I was young — I made a choice to grab onto Jesus. Back then, I chose to walk this particular path because I was afraid of ending up in hell. But, because life continued to happen (IE: Bad things happening to good people), the choice to continue to walk on this same path — holding the hand of Jesus — took on a whole other meaning.

Pain has a way of inserting itself into your life in unexpected ways. Buried things get dug up. Scars are ripped open. Memories emerge. Suffering begins… and continues. Abuse. Job loss. Marital disharmony…. Real life. Sometimes, hardships are so intense, so difficult, that we are tempted to throw in the towel. Give up.

It is during these times of immense suffering we must ask ourselves a few questions. Does pain and hardship quantify the goodness of God? Or, are the circumstances surrounding our lives indicators of God’s pleasure/displeasure?

No matter how the questions are answered, one has a choice to make. Do I continue this journey with Jesus, even though the path has become difficult? Even though the walk has become a climb, or a crawl?

I faced extreme difficulties in my journey.

My 3 & 1/2 year marriage was over. I had 2 little boys, and one on the way, when I left my abusive marriage. I faced financial devastation, not once, but twice in my life. I have lived in extreme poverty, and barely made a living. I’ve worked for the same company for 15 years, then found myself unemployed. I’ve struggled with body issues, image issues, weight issues, peer issues; I’ve been a loner and a single mom for 25 years.

It was easy to follow Jesus when things were going good. But with each hardship; as the journey became difficult, my journey with Jesus became more of a statement of faith than it did a way to escape hell.

Through each and every hardship & difficulty I was able to overcome, I noticed something. I became stronger. My faith deepened. My journey with Jesus became a deep relationship. Good came out of bad. Order came out of chaos. Peace was found in the midst of the storm.

The following poem is my statement of faith:

I’ve chosen to walk down this path

This journey that’s called Faith

No matter what the circumstance

No matter what the fate.

I’ve made my choice, I make my stand

My heart is fully set;

I choose to follow Jesus Christ

And there is no regret.

Although the road gets steep and long

And jagged is the path;

When walking becomes difficult

I’m tempted to go back.

Or when the road, at times, descends

Into a valley low;

Through muck and mire I trudge along

Each labored step is slow.

But onward is the task at hand

Regardless of the cost;

In spite of rising obstacles

This path I have not lost.

I’m led by Hands I cannot feel

And Hands I cannot see;

And when I stumble or fall down

These Hands will carry me.

For God has never promised us

A journey free from pain;

But promised if we did walk on

With Christ we then would reign.

So when this journey finally ends

By Faith, in Him, I rest;

No matter where my path has led

This journey’s for my best.


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