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Redeemed & Repaired for the service of God

Posted on: January 26, 2013


How long ago was that?

I didn’t think I would ever forget the year I escaped your grip and shattered on the floor. It seems like yesterday. I remember the tears that flowed from each shard. But, I could not stay with you.

You did not love me.

You did not honor me.

I tried to please you. To make you happy. I tried, with everything I possessed, to make you feel secure. To prove how useful I was to you.

I was already flawed, and you knew exactly how to take advantage. You played the game well. I fell for it… for a while.

I know better now.

I know who you really are.

I know what you are capable of.

I know that I deserve better than what you gave me. I deserve God’s best because I am a vessel, crafted by the Master Potter. Though I am broken, He is piecing me back together.

I am no longer a vessel of dishonor, but a vessel redeemed and repaired.


Even though the repairs are visible to anyone who looks, I am useful. This vessel, once shattered in pieces has been restored. I am placed on the table of the King, and I know this is where I belong.

Though I am simple, I am willing to be used for His  honorable service.

~Walk in Truth Today


2 Responses to "Redeemed & Repaired for the service of God"

What a lovely post. You are valued. xo

Thank you, Carolyn. It’s a wonderful thing to know that God uses cracked pots… one of which I am!

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