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The Incident

Posted on: January 26, 2013

He walked into my life one day

A friend of friend was he;

And all that I’d been hoping for

With him, it seemed to be.


The answer to my years of prayer

The one I waited for;

I walked right in, expecting grace

While Satan locked the door.


No, I didn’t see it coming

I thought that I was strong,

I thought my heart was planted firm

In Christ – but I was wrong.


So blinded by a need for love

Accepting what I knew;

Believing he was sent from God

Though there was work to do.


Performing to his own desires

And dancing to his song;

Soon left to wonder what I’d done

Deserving what was wrong?


“Am I so bad You’ve kept me from

True love here on this earth?”

“Abuse and suffering I see

The purpose of my birth?”


I didn’t seem to understand

The root of all my pain;

Just where it all was coming from

And who was I to blame?


But planted deep within my soul

A weed and tare were sown;

Unknown for years; the lies that choked

This life that I had known.

A life that’s guided by the wounds

Imprisoned by the past;

Can’t see beyond the circumstance

Or grasp free life to last.


But oh, another plan was set

Before the dawn of time;

A plan to open prison doors

The plan of Grace Divine.


The Son of God stepped down to earth

From woman He was born;

And offered up a Sacrifice

His Body broken, torn.


That through His willingness to die

Atoning Blood to give;

The Son of Man broke Satan’s hold

Restoring pow’r to live.


Not by the chains that bind our hearts

Or by the wounds of old;

But by the Grace of God’s own Son

This story is now told.


Of understanding reasons why

He walked into my life;

Revealing attitudes of heart

Required the Surgeon’s knife.


For through the Incident I found

Desire for a change;

For honor, love, and purity

Beliefs to rearrange.


To operate within the heart

Remove the sin, and shame;

As only God Himself can do

I’m different; not the same.            

© 2009



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