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Marjorie Darlene Mason: Born December 4th, 1938, Entered eternity April 30th, 2013.

Life Always Ends in Death

It’s hard to write when you are not inspired. More so when you’re depressed.

I’ve been depressed for about a month now.

Why, you ask?

I’ve suffered a loss.

Losses always depress you.

My mother, who lived with me for the past eighteen years, passed away on April 30th 2013 from complications she developed after her open heart surgery.

I was there with her from April 10th until she passed away. A total of 20 days. I watched her struggle to breath. I watched her improve, only to take ten steps backwards when evening came. Over the course of the 18 days she spent in ICU, every day was a constant see-saw of emotions; happiness and sadness; joyfulness and sorrow; confusion and understanding. Back and forth, good then bad. There were easy moments, and there were moments so hard to take.

Watching my mother fight for every breath, for so long, and then give in to the battle, was tough. Losing mom was like losing my right arm.

Mom moved in with me and my three boys around 1995. I had been a single mom for a few years by then, and she had recently divorced her second husband. We made a pair, we did. Mom helped to raise my boys. She was the live in baby sitter so I could find work. She was important to our household and our lives. She not only supported me, she supported her grandsons. She attended baseball and basketball games; she attended each band concert, Christmas choir, Madrigal play, band parade and every other grade & high school event, and when college ball games came around, she was game to travel hours just to watch her grandson play. She listened to CD’s of rock and roll music because her grandson played bass and sang back up. She was more than just their grandmother. My boys are who they are today because she invested so much of herself into their lives.

She was more than just my mother. She was my constant companion; my friend; my buddy. To one – like me – who has never remarried, having my mother live with me meant I always had someone I could talk to. At times when I needed, I could lean on her. I could glean her wisdom. Yes, even argue with her. I learned about standing up for what you believe is right, and learning how to bite my tongue.

Life always ends in death. There isn’t any other way around it. With every day that passes, we are that much closer to the day of our death.

Whenever we consider death, most of the time, we perceive it in a bad light. It’s a sad occasion. It breaks our hearts. When it happens to someone we love, it makes us cry… sometimes for months afterward.  But death, in the Christian sense, is a glorious thing. Sure, we miss our loved ones. Sure, we’ll still cry, but we don’t cry as though we will never see them again! We know, eventually, when our life meets death, we will walk through the door of heaven and see our loved ones face to face.

When we do meet death something glorious happens to us too… for those who have secured their lives in Christ Jesus, there won’t be any more reason for sorrow, broken hearts or tears. They will finally be wiped away, once and for all time.

So, while I have grieved the loss of my precious mother, I know I will see her again. Eventually, I will be able to go through a day without sadness creeping in. I will continue to miss her presence until I am basking in His Presence with my mom.

I love you, mom.

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