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When God is the Silent Partner

Posted on: October 11, 2013



In today’s portion of “My Utmost for His Highest,” Oswald Chambers made a perplexing statement. “Has God trusted you with a silence…? His silence is the sign that he is bringing you into the marvelous understanding of himself.”
When I first read it, I was befuddled; confused. I thought, “How does God’s silence bring me into a marvelous understanding of Him?” As I began to ponder this question, I wondered how I got a deeper understanding of God. Where did I go to find the things I wanted to know?
I don’t know about you, but for the most part of my life, God has been silent. I don’t hear an audible voice telling me where I should go, what I should do, how I should act, or re-act. I’ve wanted him to. Especially in times of hardship, confusion, and trouble, I have longed to hear God whisper in my ear, “I’m here, Cheryl. I am with you. Go here; go there.”
But, he hasn’t.
When I came to Christ, at the age of 14, I was told, “Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with you. He wants to be involved in every aspect of your life. He wants to know your hurts, your fears, your happiness and your tears; every part of your life, he is interested in.” And so, I talk to God, in my head. I tell him things; I pray – for others and for myself. I sometimes sing, in my head, too. I pray in the spirit, and with understanding. I ask questions, in my head, during these times too. To this writing I have never heard God answer me with an audible voice. I’ve expected it. Isn’t that part of a relationship? One person talks, the other person talks…
What do we do when God is the silent partner?
I used to get jealous when people would say, “God told me…” I would love to hear the voice of God on a daily basis. I want that intimate, personal relationship where the Savior of my soul whispers in my ear! Maybe I’ve held back. Maybe I haven’t given 100% of myself to God. Maybe my relationship with God is all one sided.
But, is it?
I have pondered God’s silence before, and received… well, silence as an answer. But, what is God speaking when he has nothing to say? Is God’s silence, as Oswald Chambers has said, the sign that God is bringing us into a marvelous understanding of himself? The more I think about it, the more I believe the answer is “YES!”
As I stated earlier, I’ve been a Christian since I was 14 years old. (I now have 26-years experience at being 25. You math whizzes will catch on quickly.) I have matured in my walk with Jesus. And, like a child who grows up and lives independently of his or her parents, I, too, am not as needy, in Christ, as I once was. I’ve read the bible many times, and throughout the years, gained understanding. I know what the Word says.
There are 66 books that make up the bible. We have words telling us what the voice of God had men write down. Every aspect of our lives can be touched by something contained within one of those books. We can hear the voice of God through what we read. We hear the character of God, and his love for mankind, in the pages.
We are assured of his everlasting love; his forgiveness, and our eternal home; we know he will never leave us or forsake us, because our maturity – our growing up in Christ – and his word, have told us so. We have heard it through the Word, and we have believed it with our heart; confessing it with our mouth (See Romans 10:9). We believe it. We stand on it, even though we have not heard God speak those words to us in an audible voice, we know we can take it to the bank!
We find comfort, in times of trouble, with the Psalms. We find hope, encouragement, trust and faith between the covers of the bible. It’s all there. Everything we need to know about God is contained in the bible, and what we can’t find in the bible, can be found in creation—the love and care he took to provide a place for us—in our surroundings. We can hear the voice of God in what we see and what we read. We hear the voice of God in the people we meet; with children at play; music that touches our soul.
God’s voice is everywhere!
As I pondered the years of my life I realized something. In spite of the silence, I have grown. Even when I was angry over God’s supposed silence, I still matured. I read his word, and I grew up. God’s silence drives us to dig deeper. It matures us. It causes us to believe what we read is true. Faith deepens. Trust endures. And, in that way, we find, we have been taken into a marvelous understanding that only God could give us.
God has indeed entrusted us with his silence.
Father, God, thank you, for the words you gave us long ago. Thank you they have been compiled for us already. Thank you that you still use those words to speak to our hearts, and minds. We may not be able to hear your voice, in an audible way, LORD, but you speak to us through the written Word. In those times of silence, God, when we seek to hear your voice, comfort our hearts in knowing you have already spoken. Guide us in your words. Strengthen our hearts. Deepen our faith and trust in you. In Jesus Name.


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