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It’s Your Fault You are Poor… or so Dave Ramsey says.

Posted on: December 3, 2013

I read a blog today that kind of got my ire up.

I have to say that I agree what this woman writes. You’ll have to read it yourself, but the gist of the blog is over Dave Ramsey’s blaming the poor for their circumstances.

There are some things that are out of our control… such as the loss of a job, the loss of your home, the loss of your vehicle… the inability to land another job… in my own situation, my faith could not be stronger than it’s ever been before in spite of what I have been through. Just because I have landed on hard times does not mean I am lacking in faith. When my boss said, “I can’t pay you anymore…” I didn’t lose my faith, I leaned more on God. When I couldn’t find a job, my faith didn’t bottom out, it remained intact. When they came to take the stuff I made payments on, I didn’t walk away from God, I ran closer. Having more faith does not mean I will have more money or more stuff or become insanely wealthy, not even becoming debt free will make me extremely wealthy…

Faith is faith. It isn’t something that can be conjured up, it is given to us by God. It isn’t dependent upon the amount of money I have in the bank or whether or not I am in debt.

I think the mentality of “I am blessed by God because I have so much money in the bank, or a big house, or a nice car” is a slap in the face to those impoverished who continually beat themselves up mentally and spiritually because they haven’t been able to “conjure” up the faith enough to rise above their situation. I’ve seen the impoverished single moms working their tails off in order to supply their children with food, clothes and a roof over their heads, only to be left with too much month at the money. I’ve been that single mom. I’ve worked myself to the bone, plus went to school full time, only to be beat back down by one set of circumstances or another. All through my life I have always hung on to God and His word. I tithe (except now since I still do not have a job) I have given with the expectation of a 100 fold return… and yet, I am still in the same shoes… living with my sister and her husband… with my faith intact in the God I know who loves me beyond my circumstances.

Do we really think God will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant. You lived in that big house. You ate choice meats and drank choice wines. You slept in that Mahogany bed and wore the best clothes. You drove that Mercedes and were able to take your kids on the best vacations. You never had to worry whether you could pay all of your bills in any given month. You have done well for yourself while your neighbor did not make it to your status.” I don’t think so. Remember the rich man and the beggar Lazarus, who sat at his gate and the dogs licked his sores? The rich man was told that he received his comfort while on earth, and in death, Lazarus received his (See Luke 16:19-31).

Notice in the story of Job how his friends assumed Job was sinning and that is why God took away his wealth, health and prosperity. In those days prosperity in Israel was a sign of God’s blessings, but not so in the New Covenant. The New Covenant says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of God” (See Matt 5:3). The “richness” we receive is not the wealth of this world, but of the one to come.

Money is good when used properly. Anyone who wants to live in this world must have money in order to do so, but it really angers me when I see all of the so called “Faith Preachers” informing everyone all they have to do is “give” (to their ministry of course) and God will bless them up to 100 Fold.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in Dave Ramsey’s practices. I believe in getting yourself debt free. I believe in giving to the work of God (not to a building or one individual, but to a purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God and helping the less fortunate). What I don’t believe in is selling a “False Hope” to the poor; taking their money while one person gets stinking rich. Promising them God “WILL” bless them for their faithfulness, yet, the majority of those who faithfully give are still living in poverty so extreme it is not funny.

… Stepping down from her soap box.


4 Responses to "It’s Your Fault You are Poor… or so Dave Ramsey says."

I read this post yesterday, but until Sunday, I’m away dealing with some “oma” stuff…between my mom, teenagers, etc., I’m just plain done!
I haven’t had time to see Dave Ramsey’s comments…but I just wanted to agree that one brush stroke never paints a full picture!

Actually, when I wrote my personal post about tithing…I learned some key things along the way…but outlining how God “mentored” me…takes time to bring forward in my frantic mind. Something very important came back to me, though, which I am determined to post about. You’ll be the first to see it!!

Until then, there’s only one voice intimately involved in YOUR story…and He has a path for you to follow. Some turns will SEEM to take you away from His promise, “I KNOW the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “Plans to prosper you…and not to harm you. To give you a hope…and a future!” God deals with our total “person”. He wants REAL success and prosperity for you. Only He knows how to get you there.

I leave you with one of His biggie concerns: “I desire TRUTH in the inmost being.” He absolutely requires us to be cut-throat honest with ourselves and Him…listening as the Holy Spirit highlights our own personal issues. Trust and obedience must follow throughout.

Anyhow! Have a super-dooper-pooper-scooper day!! Gotta run:)

LOL, I’ll have the super-dooper without the pooper-scooper! LOL That made me laugh!

There are faith preachers and there are faith preachers. When I turn on some Christian TV and hear a “faith preacher” say the Lord has told him is you give $1000 you’re going to get that huge blessing, I cringe and I’m angered. I also change the channel. However, I do believe that the Scripture “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of God” is not talking about finances or material wealth. It’s talking about humility. There are plenty of Scriptures in the New Testament that encourage good money management and tell us we will be blessed if we believe. But…God is not an ATM machine. Never! His ways are not our ways. He does want to prosper us, but only as our spirit prospers. And then again, the Word says it rains on the just and the unjust. Crap happens to people. Still I believe we do set the direction in which our life goes with our faith. So, it’s good to align our faith with the Word.


I just remember the days when I believed if I could just believe “better” and still things remained the same… how much of a failure I felt because the circumstances didn’t change. I guess that’s why I get so angry.

I, too, believe that if we follow God’s principles we can prosper, but I think the “hope” of being wealthy most of us will never see.

Thanks for posting!

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