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Tonight I will confess to you

My sisters, I will share;

About a mystery so deep

Most men are un-aware.

Of deep desires, passions in

Each lady’s hidden heart;

To delve deep in this liberty

And savor every part.

A secret so delicious I

Can hardly stand the thought;

I know I really shouldn’t cuz

Someday I could get caught.

And even though I’ve never told

A living soul before;

I don’t think I’m the only one

With trouble to ignore.

The sound of sweetness in your ear

A pull that is so strong;

Temptation uncontrollable

I give in all year long.

Never can I get enough

I’m drawn to more and more;

I’ll start with just a kiss or two

Or maybe three of four.

And as the hours slip away

I loose all track of time;

With just another kiss or two

The clock strikes half past nine.

Before your eyebrows start to raise

And urgent prayers arise;

Just listen more, you’ll understand

You just might be surprised!

Now really it’s quite innocent

This secret love of mine;

I simply cannot help myself

My will-power’s resigned.

And even though I’ve given in

There’s nothing to compare;

I happily continue in

My chocolate affair!


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