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I’m not sure how it all began really. I didn’t start on this journey having a love affair with the written word.  As a matter of fact, I hated English.  As a high school student, I spent all four years in one semester of Freshman English.  FOUR YEARS!!!  On the last day of Freshman English in my Senior year, the teacher signed my yearbook, “You finally memorized the semester!”  His remarks didn’t boost my self esteem one bit!

All throughout my high school career I came to dread whatever English class I was forced to take in order to earn my diploma.  But, in my Senior year, Greek Mythology came along and I loved it!  I soared through that class with such speed–and top of the class grades I might add–that I even scared myself!  Thinking back, I connected more with the stories–given my vivid imagination–than I did with the structure of each sentence that made up the story.  I am still like that today. I would rather read something that has meaning than I would discover how the sentences are structured and why. Oh so BORING!!!

I may never get the sentence structured exactly right (that’s why Editors get the big bucks!), but I have a need to write.  Writing saved me.  It has given me an outlet to express the words that flow through my heart.  It gives me the ability to tell my story.  It gives me purpose.

Words tend to get jumbled up and misspoken when they pass through my lips.  I can clearly hear them in my head, but for some reason, once they roll off the tongue the words don’t seem to be as convincing as when I first thought them.  Emotions seem to be the driving force behind the length of the words I speak.  Shyness tends to decrease the amount of words, while anger and frustration tend to increase the amount of [uncontrolled] words that fly out of my mouth. Joy and sorrow also have a way of increasing and decreasing my words, but in each instance, the heart of what I want to say is missing.  That is what writing is to me–the heart of my words.

You get a glimpse of my heart, whether it is one of my poems or my first book ‘Whispers From My Heart’ which was published in October of 2009.  Writing tells the story that needs to be told; connecting with the heart of the one who reads.

As you read, don’t be too judgmental of my writing skills. Read the words with your heart open and hear what I have to say…you just might see that you are not alone.


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